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What do you look forward to most when "Of the Heart" get's released? (Seriously, having issues with the first book since I am scared people aren't gonna like it...Lame, but true. ^^;

26 deviants said the characters; I like what I've seen and read of them so far. :meow:
10 deviants said the comic inserts; I like the art you've got planned for it. :meow:
10 deviants said Another reason. (mind telling me the reason? >.> )
4 deviants said the writing; I like your writing style. :meow:
4 deviants said It's got fantasy creatures in it! I'm gonna like it. :B
4 deviants said What has been shown of the plot seems interesting. :O_o: (I know I don't show a lot, but I show enough. :lol: )
4 deviants said I have no idea what this "Of the Heart" thing is. :B Where's the bathroom? (lol look in my folder "Of the Heart" to catch a glimpse of it.)




Jessica Rae
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United States

The name is Jessica Rae. Nice to meet you. ^_^

Love my Lord Jesus Christ and am very thankful for Him blessing me with the talents He has allowed me to develop.

Not that much to me except that I'm a writer and sequential artist...a Christian one at that. ^_^

Hope you guys enjoy the work and don't steal...OR ELSE YOU'LL LOOK LIKE A DUMMY WHEN MY SERIES GETS PUBLISHED. :P If you do take them to draw, tell me please. Thanks.

SpazCat 04 by rosariocentralplz

Also, you might see some predators and preys on my site, so don't be alarmed. They are either shown in a funny way on here or teasing or with sweetness (literally and metaphorically). And if it's a serious situation, it is filtered through moral lenses so you are in good hands here. :meow:

By the way, for a great book about looking at the world through a Christian's lens, I suggest reading the book written by Tim Keller; "The Reason for God". It is very well researched.

For people that have a problem with an issue of Creation vs. Evolution; go here>>… and here>>…

You are all loved and blessings on you all. ^_^

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What I think most giants or predators imagine doing, which freaks me out as the tiny: Bouncy Ball by yarjor :tossemote: by stuck-in-suburbia giant pat by CookiemagiK Play time by CookiemagiK OM NOM NOM by prosaix New Toy by Ridley126 Giant Smother Hug V2 by XaiIrken Halp by iWin72 Meet Big by Koomba Emoticon 4 by Idiot098 Nom by Raccoon-likes-apple ..:: eViL pOkE ::.. by KimRaiFan STRANGLER by 5P-emotes massive I WANT a CANDY. Threat by HsnGoneWild ice cream van by CookiemagiK Big little challenge by HsnGoneWild Blue squish by prosaix Pacman and Emote by Electrosion Massive emote bump by Droneguard Massive emote gimme kiss by Droneguard Chase me plz by Droneguard Massive emote squish by Droneguard :toy: by alder-sketch OMG GODZILLA by X-wing9 Super Glomp by Dabombguyman The om nom nom Kitty by NeoSlashott BBF Icon by Not-Quite-Normal Toy Crane Avatar by Koomba Don't crush me by horber95 Grrr by horber95 Giant Huggle by Web5teR Giant Spinning Tard by Web5teR Nom - NaNoEmo - day 12 by Krissi001 Giant Smooch by Web5teR


...mmm, maybe.

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Dream Dream Dream

Wed Sep 17, 2014, 2:27 PM

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Good things come in threes! :dummy: Or is it twos? :O_o: Never mind. 

If you do not care for random dream ramblings, tis fine to delete this journal and move along. This is just something I wanted to write since my drawing skills are shaky currently.

I hope that I'm not the only person that dreams in drawings and animations. It's weird, but as soon as I get to meet someone and know their personality, I make a character out of them in my head. For sure, I don't look like Jess entirely, but ever since I made me to look like that in middle school, I've connected that with being me. So, even if a person changes over time, the character is the same in my dreams.'s gonna be sad when Summer grows up. :crying: Her image will change, yet I hope her personality never changes for the worst. However, the main point is that when I meet people face to face, I tend to draw them mentally and they're animated in dreams. :nod:

So...yesterday I had three dreams in one! :D And all three were very sweet. ^_^ :heart:

One, dealt with Mike that strangely had neko ears and a tail drawn on him. He sort of reminded me of Harima from off of School Rumble with how his expressions were done. Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] :giggle: But he came by the dorm with some soup and I don't know what was talked about but it was nice. I can only remember the feeling of it and it was relaxing. :iconohyoublushplz: 

The second embarrassingly cute. Misaki-Blush (Misaki Ayuzawa)  I was in the hospital bed. I don't know what was going on, but I could hardly move or speak. It was nighttime and no one was in there, until I felt something curl up right beside my cheek. It was a tiny Gib and he was saying something to me in his snarly tone but I don't remember after waking up. But he just stayed there beside me and it was nice. He didn't even speak really, but having company as I was there was comforting.

The third dream it switched to had Nekonicat and I watching a whole bunch of anime. It was a random one, but it was nice since we were cutting up and giving commentary about the episodes we were watching. We're highly opinionated after all. So that...was a nice dream to end things.......................

...before waking up to a painful feeling in the stomach. Table Flip  LIKE SERIOUSLY?!Angry  If I had the energy, I would've had a Shizuo rage...or a Gib rage! Someone oughta be thankful I don't react when I get mad. EEHHHH?? I just stare blankly at someone and act sweet. Cool  Trying to act like I'm level-headed. :giggle:

As for an up-date, I've stopped throwing up, but my stomach and head are in pain still. I also feel very loopy-headed and haven't ate in a long while. I need to find some soup. Anyway, it's a stomach virus and it's slowly going away. I intend on sleeping some more this afternoon in order to be up to normal health tomorrow for classes. I had to force myself to get out of bed this morning to go. WHAT!?  Yeah...I wasn't pleased.

(P.S. If you haven't seen Durarara that has Shizuo in need to. That anime goes into my top ten recommended anime to watch. It's very good for only one season long. If they were to ever make a season two, it would be difficult to top the first part.)


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