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Gifts and my OCs

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Jessica Rae
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

The name is Jessica Rae. Nice to meet you. ^_^

Love my Lord Jesus Christ and am very thankful for Him blessing me with the talents He has allowed me to develop.

Not that much to me except that I'm a writer and sequential artist...a Christian one at that. ^_^

Hope you guys enjoy the work and don't steal...OR ELSE YOU'LL LOOK LIKE A DUMMY WHEN MY SERIES GETS PUBLISHED. :P If you do take them to draw, tell me please. Thanks.

SpazCat 04 by rosariocentralplz

Also, you might see some predators and preys on my site, so don't be alarmed. They are either shown in a funny way on here or teasing or with sweetness (literally and metaphorically). And if it's a serious situation, it is filtered through moral lenses so you are in good hands here. :meow:

By the way, for a great book about looking at the world through a Christian's lens, I suggest reading the book written by Tim Keller; "The Reason for God". It is very well researched.

For people that have a problem with an issue of Creation vs. Evolution; go here>>… and here>>…

I support the life of a baby in a womb and, if you can look at this and say you're pro-choice, you are murderous in heart and I pray not in practice>>…

You are all loved and blessings on you all. ^_^

What I think most giants or predators imagine doing, which freaks me out as the tiny: Bouncy Ball by yarjor :tossemote: by stuck-in-suburbia giant pat by CookiemagiK Play time by CookiemagiK OM NOM NOM by prosaix New Toy by Ridley126 Giant Smother Hug V2 by XaiIrken Halp by iWin72 Meet Big by Koomba Emoticon 4 by Idiot098 Nom by Raccoon-likes-apple STRANGLER by 5P-emotes massive I WANT a CANDY. Threat by HsnGoneWild ice cream van by CookiemagiK Big little challenge by HsnGoneWild Blue squish by prosaix Pacman and Emote by Electrosion Massive emote bump by Droneguard Massive emote gimme kiss by Droneguard Chase me plz by Droneguard Massive emote squish by Droneguard :toy: by alder-sketch OMG GODZILLA by X-wing9 Super Glomp by Dabombguyman The om nom nom Kitty by NeoSlashott BBF Icon by Not-Quite-Normal Toy Crane Avatar by Koomba Don't crush me by horber95 Grrr by horber95 Giant Huggle by Web5teR Giant Spinning Tard by Web5teR Nom - NaNoEmo - day 12 by Krissi001 Giant Smooch by Web5teR The Nom Nom Nom Monster by Patches67


...mmm, maybe.

Scared Cat by rosariocentralplz

People reading this are like: Oh Jess by Goodbutbad

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...couldn't think of a title but I wanted to do something nice for y'all. Why? ...Why not, I say. :icontfmdanceplz: Let a mouse bard show some loving!

First of all, got some awesome art and story from some awesome people. :meow: Let me show y'all!
Me and My idol by LuciTFandMLP by :iconlucitfandmlp:
Let's not be hasty by kuberish by :iconkuberish:
Ajarhmi Robotic dragon drawing (look in descriptio by decepticonlady17 by :icondecepticonlady17:
There, there by 27Lazybug by :icon27lazybug:
Head shot of Ajarhmi by AngelicSteph4ever by :iconangelicsteph4ever:
My D.A. Family! by XIBladeIX by :iconxibladeix:
Shingeki no... Nya ? by Mozzarita92:iconmozzarita92:
Ahjarmi and gib's adventure.Ahjarmi was walking with a cup of coffee through his house. He had just woken up and made some for himself and his housemate Gib. Who at the moment was sleeping somewhere in a bed. He was a tinnie, goblinelf. He slept at day most of the time. Unless his girlfriend was over than he'd be acting like he didn't want to go to sleep. But in the end Vic would get him to sleep with her. And he would be put in her pocket and she and Ahjarmi would talk. And he would sometimes play with her. But she wasn't there at the moment and Ahjarmi found his friend on the table eating a carrot. He smiled and looked down. "Hey, kid you're already up this early?" He looked up. "Yes so what?" He replied snarky. Ahjarmi grined. "Why are you so snarky kid?" Gib looked up from his carrot. "Because you're and idiot." Ahjarmi's smile faded. "Really? It's still just th by :iconthebroarthur2:
For Jess by princce7 by :iconprincce7:
ASDF Valentines Day Card for Jess :3 by NekoVWMike by :iconnekovwmike:
Charmed, I'm Sure. by Honestly-An-Art1st by :iconhonestly-an-art1st:

by :iconvictoriousforchrist7:

[REQ]Jess by Blue-The-Fox by :iconblue-the-fox:

Now, there are more awesome drawings and stories to be found in folders in my favorites, specifically from the "Gifts and my OCs" folder.

But this journal isn't going to be entirely for me. It'll be for y'all. I know that many people feel under-appreciated here or elsewhere. I feel like that when I go to college and I know how stressful it can be. Look, I really do love you guys. I care for y'all.

So...I'd like you all to do me a huge favor, if you want! It's simple but can mean a lot to someone and make you feel a bit better.

In the comments below post a picture or story you wrote (either link it or something) and then tell me or whoever will read below why you like it. There's got to be something you love about something you've done. Feel free to gloat a bit or talk about something really special to you.

And beneath that put down a picture or story that was done by a friend or artist you really think should be recognized by as many people as possible. And then say what you like about their piece of literature or drawing.

I'll do the same.

Let's spread a little love and attention around. Please look through the comments and if you see something or someone you really like, why don't you check the artist or writer out?

I love you guys and have a great day/noon/night! :icontfmkissplz:

Curious, what kind of YCHs do you like? (totally not sketching a bunch of possible YCH scenarios. They look awesome!) 

26 deviants said giant-related where your character interacts with him
26 deviants said malepredator-related where your character interacts with him
13 deviants said giantess-related where your character interacts with her
13 deviants said This coconut popsicle tastes weird...I hate the texture of coconut and they put bits of it in the popsicle. YUCK!
12 deviants said femalepredator-related where your character interacts with her



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I have a pic for you that I think you'll like, and it'll probably go up tomorrow.  :meow:
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sapphirelink Featured By Owner May 22, 2015
are you currently accepting commissions, or just completing previous ones?
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Currently completing them. Though, what sort of commission are you looking for? >.>
sapphirelink Featured By Owner 5 days ago
well, if I mention the person's name here, they'll be able to read the comment, so I'll ask in another way. Do you know the OC Dekel the dryad?
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Oh, yes. ^_^ I know him well. And I know the artist very well. >w>
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