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Jessica Rae
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The name is Jessica Rae. Nice to meet you. ^_^

Love my Lord Jesus Christ and am very thankful for Him blessing me with the talents He has allowed me to develop.

Not that much to me except that I'm a writer and sequential artist...a Christian one at that. ^_^

Hope you guys enjoy the work and don't steal...OR ELSE YOU'LL LOOK LIKE A DUMMY WHEN MY SERIES GETS PUBLISHED. :P If you do take them to draw, tell me please. Thanks.

SpazCat 04 by rosariocentralplz

Also, you might see some predators and preys on my site, so don't be alarmed. They are either shown in a funny way on here or teasing or with sweetness (literally and metaphorically). And if it's a serious situation, it is filtered through moral lenses so you are in good hands here. :meow:

By the way, for a great book about looking at the world through a Christian's lens, I suggest reading the book written by Tim Keller; "The Reason for God". It is very well researched.

For people that have a problem with an issue of Creation vs. Evolution; go here>>… and here>>…

You are all loved and blessings on you all. ^_^

What I think most giants or predators imagine doing, which freaks me out as the tiny: Bouncy Ball by yarjor :tossemote: by stuck-in-suburbia giant pat by CookiemagiK Play time by CookiemagiK OM NOM NOM by prosaix New Toy by Ridley126 Giant Smother Hug V2 by XaiIrken Halp by iWin72 Meet Big by Koomba Emoticon 4 by Idiot098 Nom by Raccoon-likes-apple STRANGLER by 5P-emotes massive I WANT a CANDY. Threat by HsnGoneWild ice cream van by CookiemagiK Big little challenge by HsnGoneWild Blue squish by prosaix Pacman and Emote by Electrosion Massive emote bump by Droneguard Massive emote gimme kiss by Droneguard Chase me plz by Droneguard Massive emote squish by Droneguard :toy: by alder-sketch OMG GODZILLA by X-wing9 Super Glomp by Dabombguyman The om nom nom Kitty by NeoSlashott BBF Icon by Not-Quite-Normal Toy Crane Avatar by Koomba Don't crush me by horber95 Grrr by horber95 Giant Huggle by Web5teR Giant Spinning Tard by Web5teR Nom - NaNoEmo - day 12 by Krissi001 Giant Smooch by Web5teR


...mmm, maybe.

Scared Cat by rosariocentralplz

People reading this are like: Oh Jess by Goodbutbad

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My rant is only that I get sick easily along with my family. One of the bad things about living in South Carolina is that people get sick VERY easily here. :stare: It's true. My mom passed out earlier this week since her fever got THAT bad. My lil sister, Summer, had been coughing and sneezing. My baby niece, Autumn, has had to go to the hospital because of a sickness. (I'm trying to get in contact with you, :iconrukiaburch7:, but something keeps on happening! :crying:  I'll call tomorrow FOR SURE. ) And as for me.......I suffer from stomach viruses, my eye swelling and throughout these pass two ugly fever blister that's the size of a grape on my bottom lip. :icongrumpycat-plz: Grrrrrrrrrrr...I'll live though. =.= Just something that freaks me out when I hear how my family is getting hurt and I'm STUCK on this campus unable to help! :crying:

*If you decided to skip the rant, start here...

Now then...this is a SPECIAL COMMISSION thingy this time. =w= For I'm opening up...ANIMATIONS!!!!! Squee! Anna squee Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-03 (Squee) [V1] Miku Squee- Free icon Eunhyuk Crazy Smile dance onion dance Kitty Dance bunneh icon4

Okay, you guys, calm down. It isn't THAT big of a deal, but I actually have enough confidence to be able to do certain gif animations. :meow: CERTAIN gif animations. CERTAIN!

Ratigan Smug  *clears my throat like the villainess pipsqueak that I am*

So here are my illustration offers. =w=

-Colored illustration with detailed background: Like this>>Evening, darling. by Jessica-Rae-3 $35

-Colored illustration with minimum detail in background: Like this>> Enchantress of Hatred by Jessica-Rae-3 $32

-Gray-scale illustration or Monochrome-coloring illustration: Like these>> The Butterfly Warrior by Jessica-Rae-3  $30

-Black/White illustration: Like this>>Aren't You Scared, Well That's Just Fine (B/W) by Jessica-Rae-3 $25

-Sketch (traditional) Illustration: Like this>> Chibi Vic by Jessica-Rae-3 $15

(+1 person in illustration costs another dollar, muffinheads. Lewis Icon Oh yeah.  )

Now for my animation offers...(Keep in mind, I'm a newbie at this and will be doing simple animations. The better I get, the more possibilities to be had with the animations. =w= )

-A comic gif: (I've seen these done, but rarely. It'll be showing panel after panel slow enough for people to enjoy, yet it'll usually be shown at the pace needed especially if it is to build up to a joke or to a suspenseful scene. This would be great to use for comedy or intense comics. Not cute stuff. :O_o: Juuuuust my artistic opinion.) It'll be in Black/White and it'll cost $3 for each panel. :meow: That'll be nice. :D

-Walking or running sequence gif: (tell me about your character and tell me how you'd think they'd move. I've bought a book recently that's teaching me how to function the weight in a character to making moving seem more natural. :D ) It'll be line-art with the paper background. (You've seen it used here>>Jess and the Poker by Jessica-Rae-3...dang, that's old but still amusing =w=) It'll cost $15.

-Bust-shot gif: Mainly bust on-up will be animated. It can incorporate just blinking, winking, shrugging shoulders, shifting about uncomfortably,  brushing back hair from face, or so on. Whatever it is, it needs to be ONE movement you're asking for. For Black/White, it'll cost $15. For flat-colors, it'll cost $20. For detailed color, it'll cost $25.  .............And for the silent bidder that suggested this, yes, I'll even draw Tomoe with his ears flicking. =w= (Just send details, dear of which version of him)

Now, that's it! :dummy:

I'm offering four opening spots for now. =w=

1. :iconxxjyazzxx:




And get to some actual work. =w= *looks at my papers and cringes* Guuuuuuh...they never end. =.=

Sticks!!!!!!!!! I've got an idea of what to draw for a break but it involves something from y'all. =w= (This paper is boring and I want a fun break and "Bleach" hit my brain) VOTE ON INSTINCT!!!!! 

48 deviants said Ichigo-cat
27 deviants said Ichigo-bunny
19 deviants said Ichigo-mouse
17 deviants said I don't even know "Bleach". *walks out the door* (No! Wait! Come back! :crying: Just guess!!!)




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